Walking in the Spider Webs


Once I made my official list of needs, I realized that there were still places I could cut costs.  For example, I have an iPhone, and I hate it.  No, seriously.  I've had three iPhones, the OG version, the 3G and the 3GS and I have hated them all.  Currently I am just waiting for my upgrade to become available so I can take a hammer to my current phone.  Everyone loves this piece of garbage phone, but I swear it's the devil.

I think a big reason for my dislike is that I really don't take full advantage of it's capablities.  I use it as a phone, to text, an iPod and sometimes I use the internet.  I don't care about the games or other apps, and most of them crash anyway.  I carry a really nice camera in my purse with me, so I don't NEED the camera function, and I have three iPods, not counting the one on my phone.  I have the internet at home and at work, and for the sake of the Spending Fast, I really don't NEED it on my phone. All I do online anyway is blog and shop, and internet shopping is out, and internet-window-shopping would just be torture.  So, blogging can be done at home, instead of in traffic... I kid, I kid.

By removing the internet package on my phone plan, I can reduce my monthly bill by 50%!  That would put another $50.00 in my pocket every month!  I know that cell phone companies are funny about the iPhone and internet packages, so I'll have to look into it. 

I'm not completely sure I'll make this switch, haven't I given up enough already? But, at the same time, it does help me to see dollar signs, and the motto "go big or go home" keeps popping up in my head.   If the phone company won't let me, maybe I'll consider trading in my iPhone for a dinky one that doesn't do anything but make phone calls and text.


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