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When I first told my mom about my plan to start the Spending Fast, her first concern was a very important one, "So what does that mean for your hair?"  I'm so glad my ma' knows where my true priorities lie. 

But seriously, do I need to pay for the salon while I'm on the spending diet?  My answer is, "yes." 

Once again with this challenge, my "necessities" are at my discretion.  I am not paying for a gym membership, as Anna did, but I am going to continue getting my hair colored.  Why?  At heart I am a blond.  I've been every color under the rainbow, and I always go back to blond, it just feels like me.  For women who color their hair, it might be more cost effective to color at home.  This is always good for women wanting to darken their hair 1-2 shades, women who want to cover grays, or women who want to warm up or tone down their natural color.  As a self proclaimed beauty junkie, I do not recommend at-home-hair-color for women who go blonder and are not natural blonds.  JUST DON'T DO IT.

I get my hair colored regularly about every eight weeks or so.  My girl is really good, but can be pretty expensive.  Expensive = not Spending Fast friendly.  So while I decided to count my highlights as a necessity, I also didn't want to cheat myself out of maximum savings.  I have a hair appointment on Saturday, so I've found ways to cut the cost and save myself money. 

The first cut is hair cuts.  For the next year I am not going to get a hair cut.  My girl charges about $35 for a trim - not a cut, a trim! - which I think is a little much for a girl pinching-her-pennies.  When my hair was shorter, it was always worth it, but now that it is longer and still growing, I've asked my mom to trim my hair when I need it. 

I also usually get a full highlight, but for the next year will only be getting partial highlights (only the top half of my head). 

I am also stretching my in-between time from 8 weeks to 10 weeks.  Did you know that stretching this in-between time can actually save you two salon trips every year?!  Amazing.

After talking to my girl about making these changes, I have cut my normal salon bill by close to 60%! 

I have to remember that I'm doing this spending fast to hep myself.  If I am not willing to cut some of my luxuries I have failed before I even begin.  Because my salon trips are a necessity for me, but a want for others, I compromised, and made this "need-want" Spend Fast Friendly.


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I feel you. I'm going through trying to cut my own expenses and my hair cut/color is atrocious. I've been stretching out my appointments to every 4 months. I do need hair cuts because my hair is really dry and coarse. My gal charges $70 for a hair cut. I really need to find someone new. Sigh.

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