Netflicks revisited


Lately, I have been obsessed with finance blogs.  What I find the most interesting about them is that they are all written by 20-somethings who are either still in school, or recently graduated.  These "kids" are just like me, they've gotten into financial trouble along the way, and now are desperate to make a turn around.  They have become financially savvy and share their inspiration and the lessons they've learned here on the Web.

I am given such hope, because most of them are after just a few short years, out of debt and have net worth's (Seriously?  A net worth is such a grown up thing to have!) ranging from $20,00 to $300,000!


I recently discovered a blog called 20 Something Finance, and I'm so glad I did.  I found an article on his blog about Netflix.  Before beginning the Spending Fast I cut my Netflix subscription from to the $9.99/month plan.  This plan included unlimited streaming and 1 DVD rental at a time.  Even with the cut because, just a few months ago, the plan only cost $8.99/month.  (Netflix raised their prices in December).  But, seeing as how I was cutting going to the movies and all other non-free forms of entertainment from my budget, $10, seemed fair.

G. posted information that Netflix is once again raising their prices!  I haven't received any kind of notice from them about my account, so I got online to check.  Those sneaky buggers!  They didn't send out formal letters, or e-mails, and they are not even announcing the price increases on their website- except for a small disclaimer on the "Your Account" section.

Unlike December's $1.00/month price increase, the new costs take effect tomorrow (July 22, 2011) and are upwards of 60%!  They are now charging separately for Unlimited Streaming and DVD rentals. 

Subscribers may still choose to have both but at much higher prices than before (and the number of DVD's per month is limited to only 4).

So how does this effect my Spending Fast?  I'm cutting my account yet again.  I've decided to stick with just the Unlimited Streaming for $7.99.  A co-worker informed me today that Netflix is eventually doing away with all DVD rentals and will only have a movie streaming system.  However, the price will not remain at $7.99, but will jump to about $30/month!

For now, I'm keeping my plan, but at anytime the prices go over $10, I'm cutting it completely.  But remember, if you want to change or cancel your account, you have to do it TODAY, because these new prices take effect tomorrow!

How does this affect your Netflix membership?


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