I Needed a Little Motivation


I've been on the Spending Fast for exactly one week today!  {Insert applause and cheers here.}

It really is nothing to write home about, after all, I still have 51 weeks left.  There has been at least once or twice, every day this week, where I have gotten an urge to purchase something.  Chapstick, Naked Juice, Pretzel with Cheese... nothing huge, but you know, the stuff that usually screws me because it adds up.

I put a post-it note on my debit card that warns me against spending money, and it seems to be helping.  I also think the fact that I've told EVERYONE.I.KNOW that I'm doing this has been a positive thing.  No one is asking to borrow money, and when someone wants to do something, they are the ones coming up with ideas of things to do for free!  Everyone is being very supportive.  Still, I have an urge to spend. 

My usual mentality would be, "OK, the bills are paid, so now what can I buy?!?"  It honestly never occured to me until last night that just because there is money in my account, doesn't mean I need to spend it.  Still, when bordem hits I find myself looking for motivation to keep going; something to tell me that this is all going to be worth it.  Up til now (and it might last longer), the challenge of saving every.single.penny has been a good motivator.  I almost feel like one of the extreme couponers on TV, actively making a conscious effort to save.  To be honest, it's kind of a rush.  Yesterday, however, I got a huge kick in the pants! HUGE! I'm talking solid gold motivation that I hope will last a while...

I went to the bank to apply for a credit card (again, not to use, but simply to increase my debit to credit ratio).  While I was waiting to be helped, I picked up the FORECLOSURE binder that was on the table and flipped through it.  There were so many houses listed in the community where I someday plan to buy a home!  I stumbled upon a photo of a house I liked and read the details:

2,100 sq. ft.
3 bedrooms
2 ½ baths

Hmmm.  I asked the teller if this was a set price, or if the bank negotiated foreclosures.  He told me that they negotiate, and whle most of the foreclosures in that area were marked at $170,000, they were actually being bought for just over $130K!  I couldn't believe it!  Compared to the almost $1,000,000 this house would have cost just a few years ago (during the crazy housing boom), this was practically free!  It was a big number, but small enough to where I thought, "Yep, in one year, I can afford that!" 

Because the neightborhood was so close by, I drove over to take a look.  It was gorgeous!  The house is a two story located on a corner lot that was beautifully landscaped with grass, tress and flowers (you don't see grass in Las Vegas)... Because it is on a corner lot, the backyard is gi-normous and did I mention it has a pool!?!?  I didn't get to go inside, but I was sold on the outside alone (plus I have friends that grew up in that neighborhood so I am familiar with the floor plans). 

My goal at the end of this year is to have saved enough to put a down payment on a house.  While I know that that house probably won't be around by then, it was enough motivation to get me EXCITED, genuinely excited about saving!


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