The Purchase Process


For a compulsive spender, like myself, err former self, OK fine, I'm still working on it; buying things I didn't necessarily want or need was just a way of life.  I've mentioned before that I hate shopping, hate it!  But if I happened to run to the store for a white tee shirt, I might pick up a new Spring wardrobe too. 

The hardest part of the Spending Fast so far has been not going to places where I'll spend money (ie. pretty much everywhere).  Target, Walgreens, CVS, the mall, you name it, I'm not going.  However, there are times when I have had to go to the store, for example to buy my groceries.  I had no idea how much fun buying groceries is until I wasn't allowed to buy anything else.

In order to help keep me on track (and this will work for anyone trying to save money), whenever I feel the urge to buy something, I have been doing a little exercise to help me get over it.  I have even gone so far as to put this exercise onto a Post-It note which I have stuck to my debit card.  The exercise is as follows:

1.  Ask yourself "Do I NEED it?"
Yes → Proceed to #2
No → Put it down and walk out of the store.
2.  Ask yourself "Do I already have something like it?"
Yes → Put it down and walk out of the store
No→ Proceed to #3
3.  Ask yourself, "Is it well made? Will it last a long time? Is it a classic style that I won't get sick of? Is it a neutral color that will go with what I already own? Do I LOVE it!?"
Yes → Proceed to #4
No → Put it down and walk out of the store.
4.  Ask yourself, "How much is it really worth?  How long will I have to work to pay for it?  Do I have coupons?  Will it go on sale?  Is it cheaper somewhere else?  Is this the lowest possible price I can pay for it?  Is it worth spending the money on?
Yes → Proceed to #5
No → Put it down and walk out of the store.
5.  Sleep on it. 

6.  Repeat this process.  Do you still want it?
Yes → Buy it.
No → Don't buy it.

Typically, I've found that for every single item mentioned on Ooo, Sparkly Things, I don't need them as much as I thought I did after going through this process.  Does it work for you?


Emily said... [Reply to comment]

Whenever I'm in a store, if there's something I want I carry it around with me for a while. More often than not after I give it 10-15 minutes I decide I don't need it and I put it back. Delaying the impulse and instant gratification is key!

Miss Priss Morgan said... [Reply to comment]

@EmilyThanks Emily! I noticed myself doing this the other day! It totally works!

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