I know, I know.  After reading my post about what I consider "necessities" there are probably some questions floating around.  There's a few things on that list that I'm not exactly proud of.  For example, why am I keeping my NetFlix account?  Well to be honest, it is sort of my last ditch effort to hang on to some luxury... Is that cheating? 

I watch movies all the time, and right before I began the fast I switched my account down to the $10/month plan.  I will now get unlimited instant rentals and one DVDs out at a time (instead of 3).  I did a little math, which was tough, because I haven't done math since I took Calculus III my sophomore year of college.  This account will now cost me about $119.00 this year, as opposed to the $180.00 each year I was spending for one extra DVD.

Sometimes others may question my "necessities," and so it's important for me to reevaluate them and see where I can really save money. 


Ashley Cray said... [Reply to comment]

I'm big in to the coupon thing lately and I saw this today which made me think of this blog post! I love your new blog so if I see anything that pops out I'll send it your way.

It's free movie codes for blockbuster! Just a heads up :-)


Miss Priss Morgan said... [Reply to comment]

@Ashley CrayThanks so much Ashley! I always love learning about thee kinds of deals!

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