A Celebratory Semi-Cheat


I almost cheated today!  Yep, I just celebrated my 7th day on the Spending Fast, and already I was about to slip!  I had a doctor's appointment today, and on my way there, I stopped at the gas station.  I had EVERY intention of going in, not to buy gasoline- a necessity, but of buying a delicious French Vanilla iced coffee...

I don't know what came over me.  I stopped drinking coffee years ago, but for some reason today, I felt like if I didn't get one, I would die.  I even justified it to myself because I wasn't actually paying for it with my "regular money," I was just going to use some money I got from my car ashtray.  Oh the shame!

When I went in, I talked a while with the cashier- My co-workers and I used to go in there daily, so we're friendly.  I told her about my spending fast, and where I got the money, and that it technically wasn't cheating.  She told me that I shouldn't feel too bad, because the sweet drink was on sale this month for only $0.99!  In my head, my brain was already doing the calculations: $0.99 + tax x 365 = $390! a year!

I decided I was strong and I started to walk out the door.  She stopped me, scribbled something down on a post-it and gave it to me....

"Free coffee Thursday"

"It's a coupon!" she said.  I filled up my cup and was so glad I didn't cheat!


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