Wanting Stuff


Before I started the Spending Fast, I had some pretty bad spending habits.  I've mentioned it before, but I'll quickly recap.  As soon as I would get paid, I would first pay my bills.  As soon as the bills were paid, I would check my account balance.  Immediately, everything that was leftover would have to be spent.  All of it.  The money practically burned a hole in my pocket and my mind raced with the goodies I could purchase. 

Notice that nowhere in the above story did I mention paying 10% to my church or even taking care of Number 1.  Being young, I am still fairly selfish, and it amazes me that I never ever paid myself!  Sure, I had my savings account, and contributed to it, but it really acted as more of a back.up.checking.account.

Since I began the Spending Fast, as soon as I get paid, I first write my tithing check to my church for 10% of my pay.  One hundred dollars is automatically deposited into my Emergency Savings account and I then pay my bills.  Until the next pay period, I oogle at the amount of money left over, and the bigger it is, the more excited I get.  I might spend a little on my necessities such as gas, or groceries, but overall, I just let it brew.  At the end of the pay period, I transfer everything that's left in my checking account to my Money Market account (hopefully to be used on a down payment on a house).

Today, however, I am really feeling the urge to slip back into my old pattern of spending.  I'm looking at my bank account, and while I know that money should be saved, or might even have to go to pay my Fall tuition, but my head is crawling with other things, sparkly things, I could buy instead.  Things I don't need, but things I want:  white skinny jeans, chiffon blouses, feminine skirts, pretty school supplies; you know?  Stuff.

Stuff that I don't have room for.  Stuff that won't make me happy, but will more likely create great feelings of guilt and buyer's remorse.  Just stuff.   I still have eight days until I make my MMA transfer for this pay period, and I'm beginning to worry that the urge is too strong.  I need to find something to focus on, or maybe just make my transfer early, and leave myself completely broke for a week. 

I look back on my blog posts so far, and up until now, the Spending Fast has been somewhat easy.  Now, however, I feel the glitz of saving is wearing off and I'm starting to feel how hard this really is.  It is hard.  It sucks.  But I know I can do it.


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