August Goals


I know I have a list of financial goals already, but those are more "long term goals."  I have a lot coming up in this next month and I feel like my mental checklist just isn't going to cut it.  So, to get them out of my head and onto "paper," here they are.
  1. Pay off Signature Loan for last semester's tuition.
  2. Take out another Signature Loan for upcoming semester's tuition.
  3. Adjust budget to cut out unnecessary groceries, hair and transportation costs - put towards tuition
  4. Don't contribute to Emergency Savings this month - put that money towards tuition
  5. Decrease retirement contribution amount - put that money towards tuition
  6. Cancel dental appointment until next month
  7. Pay my tithing in full, and pray a lot that the Lord will provide!
School was something I completely forgot to factor into the Spending Fast equation!  I don't know how I could have forgotten about it, it is my largest expense by far!  I know it doesn't make sense to get into more debt when I'm trying to save as much as I can.  But as the saying goes, "such is life."  It's not that I can't afford school right now, I can easily factor the costs into my budget, but unfortunately my school only allows students to pay tuition for 3 weeks after the beginning of the semester and then they are kicked out of their classes.  Because registration only lasts a week after the start of the semester, those that are kicked out can consider themselves "Royally Screwed."  I can't come up with that kind money in 6 weeks, so a loan will help me spread out the payments in increments I can afford. 

I'm starting to think that my goal of a house down payment may be a little too lofty...  Ugh, I hate discouragement.


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