The Itch to Ditch


Happy Back to School!  Today, I just wanted to share a quick little message for all of you college aged "kids."

Sometimes it's hard to get up and go to class.  Especially to an 8:00 am college class.  Especially when you don't live on campus and have to drive across town to get there.  Especially when you also work full time and were up late studying the night before...

To be honest, I used to ditch class all the time.  I would just study the material on my own rather than sit through lecture.  One of my Ecology professors actually conducts a study every semester about how class attendance effects test scores.

Before every test, we would have to write down how many classes we had missed since the previous exam.  That number was then compared against test scores and the rest of the class' attendance/scores.  It turns out its true.  When you miss class, grades suffer.  But did you know that missing class can also cost a fortune?

What if you went out to dinner and ordered two entrees but only received one? What if you were charged for both of the meals?  I think a fuss would be made and you would demand the second entree be brought to you, or demand that it's charge be removed from your bill..  You didn't eat it so you're not paying for it, right?  Unfortunately, this does not work with college tuition, and yet people still don't realize the impact that missing a class can have on their wallet.

For example, at my school tuition for a single three credit class costs $531.75 each semester, not counting all of the added technology, library, health facility fees, etc.  With those fees, that number jumps to a whopping $927.98 just for one class!  In an average semester, each class meets between 22 to 25 times.  That means that each lecture or exam costs about $37.12.  Every time you ditch, you're basically throwing away almost $40!  That's a tank of gas, or a date night, or even groceries for a week!

Next time you get the urge to sleep in, remember, you've already paid for class, you may as well show up!


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