Buy a Mountain


For anyone who was alive in the 90's and old enough to remember Mad TV, there was a skit that I always thought was funny.  It was a sketch making fun of Oprah and her millions of dollars, and her encouragement of people to accomplish lofty goals.

In one skit, "Oprah" had a guest on the show who's life's dream was to buy a mountain.  While the guest made a measly income, and let's face it, purchasing natural land masses isn't necessarily allowed, it was not a deterrent.  While speaking in her powerful from.the.stomach.voice and nodding her head in exaggerated encouragement, Oprah gave the following advice:

"Buy a mountain!  Do it today, buy a mountain!"

This sketch has always stayed with me.  Mostly because it was so rediculous but also because sometimes in life we set lofty goals for ourselves.  Goals that many people wouldn't think are feasible.  Whether out of boredom, the need for a challenge, or just to keep afloat, it is good to have goals.  Many readers of this blog have started spending fast, or are in the process of getting out of tons of debt or they are simply trying to start saving.  It stinks.  It's hard, but the good things in life are never easy.  So, whatever your goal, to you I say:

"Do it.  Do it today.  Buy your mountain!"

Happy weekend


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