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I discovered a website the other day that I wanted to tell all of my readers about.  It's called Credit Karma.  This website offers free credit scores to all consumers! 

In the past, I have gone to websites like Free Credit Report in an attempt to pull my credit report and score for free (as it states in their name).  Ultimately, after I enter my personal information, I can't see my score/report until I give up a credit card number.  Then I am charged close to $15 for the information they give me and they even enroll me in a $20/month membership plan without me even askingHow nice of them. 

It's Free

This San Francisco based website is actually 100% free.  They are able to provide credit information for free (no credit card number required), they make their money through advertising ventures (similar to  Not only does this web site show you your credit score, but they give you a Credit Report Card where they will give you an actual grade based on your credit rating compared with national averages!


They also provide other free services such as the Credit Simulator.  Essentially the stimulator shows you your current credit score, and then gives a bevvy of options, such as "Paying off all credit cards" and "Taking out another Loan" or "Opening a new credit card."  Once you play around with the options you can see what moves will either hurt or improve your credit score!  Finally!  A hands on visual tool I can use, not just advice from stuffy financial advisers telling me that in order to raise my credit score I just need to "pay off my debt!"

Other features include a blog, money articles, and even tools and calculators, and again, it's all free!

Three Scores

Not only are you given a credit score, but you're given two other scores as well. 
  1. Auto Insurance Risk Score:  “Your Trans Union Auto Insurance Risk Score represents whether you are more or less likely to file a claim that will result in losses for the insurance company. This score is calculated using information found in your Trans Union credit report and ranges from 150 (minimum) to 950 (maximum)."
  2. Vantage Score:  "Vantage Score is a new credit scoring model created by America’s three major credit reporting agencies to support a truly consistent and accurate approach to credit scoring. This new score provides lenders with nearly identical risk assessment across all three credit reporting companies. Your Vantage Score on Credit Karma was calculated based on information in your Trans Union credit report and follows a familiar academic scale for ease of understanding: A (901-990), B (801-900), C (701-800), D (601-700), F (501-600)."
I signed up for the site today and I'm interested in seeing how it can help me improve my credit score.  How about you? 


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