Super Surprise!


I received a super surprise yesterday!  I was informed that my financial aid was accepted by my school!  Now I dont' have to worry about all of my Spending Fast savings going to school instead of a down payment on a house!  I feel like a $3,000 weight has been lifted off of my shoulders... Oh wait, it has!  While this was a much needed blessing to pay for school, there was enough left over to cover some other expenses... So here's the breakdown:

Awarded: $6,250.00
  • $2,603.00 went towards tuition, fees, and other campus charges
  • $125.00 bought me a parking pass for the year
  • $325.00 paid off a parking ticket from 2007 I didn't know I had, and thus removed the warrant for my arrest!
  • $300.00 is going to contribute to my travel fund (for a trip this weekend) and included oil change, tire balance & rotation, steering column fluid change and gas.
  • $550.00 will pay off my signature loan
  • $2347.00 is going straight into my Money Market Account! 
Hooray for extra, free income and nearly tripling my house down payment fund!


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