Month 3 | Binge Spending


I'm sitting here calculating this month's numbers, and I gotta say, it doesn't look good.  I began this month with a trip to go meet the new boy's parents.  I have to say, I set a budget of $300, and I came in at just under $200!  However, I think the fact that I had so much financial aid left over kind of screwed me.  I think that my subconscious mind was thinking "Ooo, look at all the money you've already saved this month.  You don't need to stick to your budget.  Heck you don't even need to look at your budget."

And I didn't.

Until this morning...  I seriously have not tracked one item I have purchased this whole month!  If you want a sneak peak into what my-old-spending-habits-that-are-not-changing are like, I've posted my monthly spending tracker below.  UGH!  Do you see all of the red?  Red is not good.  Red is money I could have saved. 


I think I'm going to be sick!

As usual, I'm hoping next month will be better.  I'm hoping that this sick feeling lasts long enough to force me to get my butt in gear and not screw around for another month.


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