Young Fabulous & Broke


I've seen Suze Orman on TV for years, but I've never watched her show.  As I sit on the couch channel surfing, I'll occasionally stumble across CNBC.  Whenever I see her yelling and screaming at some poor dope who wants to know if he can afford $200,00 on a fishing boat, I quickly press the button to skip over her show.  She's a scary lady and from what I've gathered, she denies EVERYONE of their hopes and dreams…

Of course it's easy for her to deny everyone, she is financially sound, makes a great living, she has a TV show and probably a boat and a beach house/cabin.  I imagine her mental dialogue as she denies people trips to Disneyland, and home renovations, "Peasants, all peasants."  This has been my problem with her in the past.  I get very defensive and shout at my TV, "Not everyone can be rich, what about the average Joes?  What about the working man?"  And then I hold my fist up in the air, powerful, as if my word and fist gesture alone represents the working man as a whole.

However, while doing my Saturday cleaning, I had on Nancy Grace for background noise.  Afterwards, the Suze Orman show came on.  Too busy to change the channel, I left it, figuring maybe her yelling at poor people would somehow have the same effect on me as a drill sergeant and my cleaning would get done faster.

After overhearing a little bit, I decided to sit down and watch, and you know what?  This lady knows her stuff!  Because the language of money is practically foreign to me, I was lost through most of the program, but I picked up a few words, and was egger to learn more.  So I got online and decided to purchase one of her books.

The Money Book for the Young Fabulous & Broke and Women & Money came in the mail today.  I bought the chepest ones I could find on sale (under $10), with a 30% off coupon code, I got free shipping, and purchased through for an extra 4% back!  (Do you know about Ebates?  if not, get there!  You get 2%-6% of your money back for shopping online!) I'm so excited to read these books, and maybe pick up a few extra tips before the Spending Fast begins!


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