A Forecast of Things to Come?
Hopefully Not


Although I don't plan on starting the Spending Fast until Friday, I tried to get a little practice of "not spending" with my last paycheck.


My goal was to only pay my bills, pay for my trip out of town this past weekend, and I wanted to get an emergency pre-paid debit card in case something comes up during the next year and I absolutely have to spend money. 

Well, I paid my bills, and I paid for double my trip budget (I was going to split the cost of the hotel room, but I ended up having to pay for all of it).  And then there was a forgotten credit report I pulled and paid for, and some stock photography for my garden blog design, some iron on t-shirt transfers, because... I don't know, I just bought them, a few smoothies... Oh yea, and that shopping trip to Old Navy and Forever 21 for some "but I really need summer clothes before it's too late" binge. 

Instead of having close to $325 left over to use to get a head start on my Spending Fast Savings, I actually ended up going over my budget by $95.  Doh!

This "not spending" thing is going to take a lot more discipline than I thought.  I'm determined to do it... because if I don't, I'm only hurting myself.


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