There is an Upside


As I wait for July 1 to roll around, I am becoming ever more anxious about whether or not I can really do this challenge.  I keep thinking of all of the "stuff" I want to buy, and am trying to figure out how I can get it all with my final paycheck before the challenge starts- What is wrong with me?  This is a bad sign.

I've had a worry floating around the back of my head about online shopping.  Regular shopping makes me feel overwhelmed and anxious, but online shopping is a whole other ball game.  I love it!  And it's so easy.  The problem here is this, I've shopped online so much that I have completely memorized my debit card number! 

Sometime between last night and this morning I lost my debit card.  I have mixed emotions on it but I'm leaning more towards "good."  I do realize that this is a bad thing, so I've put a hold on the account and I'm giving myself until this afternoon to try to find it - otherwise it's getting cancelled.  For those wondering why this is good news: if I have to order a new card with a new number, it's one I dont' have memorized, and thus the temptation to online shop won't be so unbearable! 

PS.  I'm considering creating a page and posting stuff I want to buy during the fast.  I wonder if this would help, or make things worse?


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